Sala 106 ® Architecture and Personality

Sala 106 ® is an architecture and interior design studio that collaborates with each family to construct exclusive homes, constantly celebrating the beauty of the experience.


The strategy for rebranding Paula Zelazo Arquitetura to Sala 106 ® Arquitetura e Personalidade was centered on creating a modern and elegant verbal and visual positioning.

On the verbal front, a narrative was developed, emphasizing the office’s dedication to customizing each project, resulting in exclusive homes. The language adopted reflects sophistication, professionalism, and a contemporary approach, aligning with market trends and building an elegant image that harmoniously engages.

In the visual revitalization process, we aimed to create an identity that reconciled modernity and classical elements. Our solution incorporated the classic typography, Neue Haas Grotesk, which was meticulously readapted for the contemporary digital context, resulting in the fonts Neue Haas Grotesk Display and Neue Haas Grotesk Text. We also highlighted the care in the detail of the ® symbol, giving the logo an exclusive symbolism, both as a brand and aesthetically—an additional visual element of information in architecture and interior design project presentations.

The use of the registered symbol (®) in the Sala 106 brand holds conceptual significance beyond legal indication: when a project begins, the standard “R Registrado” transforms into an “S” like a stamp, a distinctive seal of Sala 106 office. This transition formalizes the office’s commitment to creating truly personalized environments. The “S” functions as an authentic record, attesting to the uniqueness of each project, emphasizing the meticulous attention given to every detail. In other words, the use of ® is integrated into the office’s concept, reflecting the idea of a unique room from which exclusive creations emerge. When these ideas materialize, the registered “S” confirms the authenticity and quality inherent in the work of Sala 106 ® Arquitetura e Personalidade. Therefore, the visual identity mirrors the exclusivity and care dedicated to each client, establishing an emotional connection between the office and its works.

The rebranding project of Paula Zelazo Arquitetura to Sala 106 ® Arquitetura e Personalidade emerged from the need to reposition the brand, evolving from an image centered around an individual figure to the representation of a more comprehensive architecture firm. The name change reflects the transition to a collective identity, emphasizing the focus on personalization present in every stage of the projects.

The cultural context involves the dynamics of the architecture and interior design market, influenced by aesthetic trends and contemporary lifestyles. The challenge faced was in disassociating the brand from a specific figure, requiring a strategic approach to communicate the office’s new proposal and values.

The solution, Sala 106 ® Arquitetura e Personalidade, encapsulates the commitment of the office to the individuality of each project. The concept reflects the close collaboration with families, the construction of exclusive homes, and the continuous celebration of the beauty of the experience, showcasing a unique and authentic approach in every endeavor.