Que isso

“Que isso?” (What’s this?) is what some people often ask when they eat or see someone eating vegan food. “Que Isso” goes beyond vegan food. It is a company that offers practical vegan products.


“Que Isso – A Conscious Universe Built by the Collective”

The brand “Que Isso” is more than a dietary choice; it’s an invitation to be part of a collective with environmental consciousness and respect for all living beings. The logo encapsulates the essence of the brand through two interconnected layers: the real and the imaginary.

The mouth symbol takes on the role of a portal to consciousness. More than a mere organ, the mouth symbolizes our connection to what we consume. “To become one of us, just chew. To be a part, just desire.” This unique approach highlights the importance of mindful choices.

The “Que Isso” logo is a visual invitation to explore a universe of conscious choices. The three-dimensionality of the mouth symbol aims to convey the complexity of layers, spaces, and universes, evoking the idea of portals to new perspectives. The mouth’s shape, which forms the symbol, is skillfully used to structure the arrangement of the words “Que Isso” in the brand, reinforcing the concept of layers and portals in an integrated manner.

Finally, the chosen color palette enhances the mystical and imaginary atmosphere. Vibrant yet subtle colors are employed to convey the magic and depth of the “Que Isso” universe, inviting the audience to explore and engage in a visual experience that goes beyond the conventional.