Portanto, Intelligence, strategy and communication

Portanto is a company specializing in intelligence, strategy, and communication creation. With its proprietary methodology and results-oriented approach, it plans, develops, and activates identities, positioning, campaigns, experiences, and communication journeys for small, medium, and large companies, agencies, and studios.


In Brazil, the branding market is dominated by large agencies to which only equally large companies have access; or by small studios, aimed at serving companies that are still starting their trajectories. Therefore, it was born to serve medium-sized companies, a gap in the market, and its proposal is to integrate data intelligence – which means a humanized look at the information collected and tested with certain focus groups – short, medium and long-term strategies and sensitive methodologies and intuitive creation. The result is an authentic brand, which dialogues with market trends, but which stands out from them due to its focus on intelligence and close and people-oriented interaction.

Portanto, in Portuguese, it is a conclusive conjunction, which refers to the logical and sensible result of the coordination of different elements – which is, in our opinion, the process that originates an assertive and efficient communication. 

Visually, the brand connects to the digital universe by presenting random alternation of typographies. The choice of two typographies with distinct visual styles, serif and sans-serif, justifies the company’s look at classic and modern styles, past and future generations. 

Finally, the visual universe appropriates curves in its corners, a grid in “layers of shapes” and its grid unfolds in quadrants quadrants.