Management, evolution, and organizational leadership

Strategy and creation of the WePeople brand, a management, evolution and organizational leadership consultancy.


Successful companies have something in common. Your people wake up every day wanting more. They are always willing to overcome themselves and fight for the growth of their organizations. They know that when one wins, everyone wins. This feeling has a name: bond. That’s what WePeople creates and strengthens. This is his way of valuing the companies he serves and if this value makes sense to you, it’s because the repositioning that we developed, together with WePeople, worked.

Our quest was to reposition the WePeople brand to represent the WePeople company. 

From the brand personality developed in the strategy, we notice that each attribute of the our methodology is related to the WePeople discourse: Helping professionals and organizations to become, together, protagonists of their own stories and markets. Thus, we visualize the attributes of the brand in 3 categories, the strategist personality is related to people, the attributes vision of the future and development are related to methodology and systemic awareness, it is associated with organizations. 

From these three groups, three forms were conceived as a representation of each group. The circle represents people, the triangle symbolizes the WePeople methodology, which triangulates people, WePeople and organizations. And the square characterizes organizations that are transformed.