Kouii is a brand under the Pacific company, created to offer a variety of products specially developed for the layette and early childhood market. The brand embodies authenticity and representativeness, combining design and quality to establish a lasting emotional connection with Brazilian families.


The cultural context that motivated the creation of the Kouii brand is deeply rooted in the consumption choices of the middle and upper-middle classes in Brazil, especially in the layette and early childhood product segment. Traditionally, many families from these classes opt for international brands due to the perceived high quality and sophisticated design offered by these products. However, the downside is the high price range, often leading these families to seek alternatives abroad or consider other brands that may not specialize in layette and early childhood products.

The central issue lies in the gap between the pursuit of premium quality and design, characteristic of established international brands, and the need for more affordable prices. The Kouii brand emerges as an innovative solution, offering the same quality and design as international brands but with an authentically Brazilian touch and more accessible prices.

The solution in creating the Kouii logo was carefully thought out, taking into account various crucial elements. Firstly, the brand was conceived with a neutral style in its colors, shapes, and typography, allowing for versatile application across the entire range of offered products. This approach aims to ensure a cohesive and harmonious presence in different contexts, such as zipper pulls, labels, blurred silk prints, among others.

Furthermore, the logo’s creation incorporates the need for a distinctive symbol or tag designed to be applied to specific product details, like zipper pulls and labels. This visual element adds a touch of personality and unique visual identification, subtly and elegantly reinforcing the brand.

The concept of “individual universal” was pivotal in crafting the logo, aiming to create a style that allows consumers to feel unique while embracing the diversity of styles and desires present in the experiences of motherhood and fatherhood. The visual representation reflects the idea that each family is unique, with its own characteristics and values, yet connected to a universal and shared experience.

The Kouii logo is more than just a graphic representation; it is the visual expression of a brand committed to providing intelligent, practical, and innovative solutions, establishing a lasting emotional connection with Brazilian families.