Herpetofauna of Cuesta Paulista Book

Focusing on the region of cuesta de São Paulo, a rocky landform that encompasses several municipalities, and with an innovative design, the work is composed of two volumes: the first – Concepts: cuesta and fauna – brings information about the cuesta region, as well as data on amphibians and reptiles in a global perspective. The second – Field guide – describes the species of the region through texts that are easy to understanding, of photographs and scientific illustrations of the highest quality and identification keys for reptiles, amphibians and tadpoles.


The cover was designed with the intention of presenting the uniqueness of the two books conceived in the graphic design. The composition and choice of the image encompass the meticulous look of the authors during their years of research. The square on the cover was inspired by this immersive look at the research, as a cutout of what is seen. The rocky texture of the cover, present only in the rock parts of the image, was imagined to bring the experience of contact with the research environment. The cover is shown in an artistic translation of the literal location of the region researched in the books. The strap hugs the two books, evidencing the uniqueness of the work. The illustrations on the belt highlight the central theme – the herpetofauna – and attribute to it the artistic touch of scientific illustration, an important part of its composition.