Health is about exchange

On the one side, health professionals without spaces to care for their patients, on the other, idle clinics, in search of patients and professionals. LetClinic emerges to transform these demands into offers and, thus, value the entire health ecosystem.


Let Clinic is a platform that aims to generate value for different health professionals through the optimization of resources, making idle spaces profitable and helping in the mobility of the workplace. In 2019, the Let Clinic company was just born and looked for OLUCASPARRA to conceive, at  first, its visual identity. With the successful creation of the identity, we continued the partnership in 2020, creating brand, communication and social media plans. In partnership with the production company Ailaiqueti, we also produced an institutional animation for the promotion of the new brand.

We separated the aspects that should be highlighted to develop the complete identity that speaks directly to the service offered by the company: 

LetClinic = health + community + shared economy + coworking + mobility + security + technology (platform, geolocation, algorithm e data)

1. Movement, permissive and renting = “Let” means moving and renting in England. The use of italics reinforces the sign of movement and action.

2. People interaction = The letter “n” symbolizes a table where people, represented by the letter “i”, interact and share ideas. 

3. Place where actions are materialized = The continuous line builts the shape of an icon of a house with a “pin” inside, which can be seen as a door. It is the representation of the places and clinics to be rented and shared in Let Clinc. We used the gradiente to presente de idea of change and fluidity.

The visual universe was developed with the audience in mind, an audience that is less “technological” and that consumes services that are straight to the point. Thus we create a whole communication that brings lightness, simplicity and speaks to several specialties in the health area, presenting the brand as a solution, quality and safety.