Fixou Investments

Fixou is a startup that was born in São Paulo with the goal to make accessible the practice and knowledge of financial investment. Through consultancies the processes are humanized and the customers are taught, regardless of the amount to be invested. OLUCASPARRA LTDA was hired to bring the idea of the company to life by creating the startup’s name, visual identity and the service methodology.


We searched within our language, words that are popular and culturally relevant, recurrent in the daily lives of Brazilians, more specifically, from São Paulo. When it comes to the visual language, we played with the colors, types and shapes in a dynamic way to make the brand modern, diverse and fun and with movement, dialoguing directly with its audience.

The name Fixou, in addition to having the definition of “stable”, “to hold” and “firm” which comes from the verb “to fix” in portuguese. It is a popular term of easy assimilation. The visual universe was developed with a young adult audience in mind, with features and animations aimed at social media language. The methodology, in addition to being agile in the dynamic dialogue directly with the public, is inspired by the “Efficient Frontier” model of Markowitzs (winner of the Nobel Economy Prize) which aims to find the point that the diversification of investments has greater profitability with the lowest possible risk.